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Essay Writing の思考プロセス 第4回


今回の Topic は、英検1級2014年第1回の問題です。


1. Topic  


     Do the benefits of free trade outweigh the disadvantages?


Body の部分を構成する3つの Paragraph の Main Idea は、

第1 Paragraph 自由貿易協定はグローバルなレベルで経済を活性化する

第2 Paragraph 自由貿易の拡大から生じる競争は消費者に利益をもたらす

第3 Paragraph 貿易を通して世界の国々が密接に結びつくことは、国際平和、安全保障へと至る


 2. Sample

     In my opinion, the benefits of free trade definitely outweigh the disadvantages in that free trade could help economic growth accelerate on a global scale, benefit consumers and make international relations stronger.  

     To begin with, the more free trade areas spread, the more likely the volume of global trade is to increase.  Many free trade agreements in the world, such as North American Free trade Agreement and European Union’ single market, have already shown that removing trade barriers is highly beneficial to promote international trade.  Under the circumstances, developing countries can take advantage of their cheaper labor costs in order to keep their export prices competitive and, at the same time, developed countries will enhance business chances which broader common markets generate.   

     In addition, fierce global competitions resulting from free trade benefit consumers as well.  To stay ahead of competitors, all the firms, regardless of their size, have to make every effort not only to improve their quality, durability, and reliability of products and services, but also to lower their product or service prices all the time.  As a result, consumers can enjoy a wide variety of choices and affordable prices.  This free movement of goods and services, in turn, will result in free movement of workforce.   

     Finally, we have come to appreciate that countries that trade together become more interdependent and interconnected, which has contributed to international peace and security.  For instance, European Union has been successful in this regard.  In particular, France and Germany, which fought against each other many times until the end of World War II, have built strong relationship since they organized European Economic Community, which is now considered to be one of the first attempts to built free trade regime.   

     In conclusion, benefits of free trade far outweigh the disadvantages because of the three reasons I mentioned above. 


To be continued.