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Essay Writing の思考プロセス 第77回


今回の Topic は、Official Guide to the TOEFL の Independent Essay 第33問です。

1. Topic           

          We all work or will work in our jobs with many different kinds of people.  In your opinion, what’ are some important characteristics of a co-worker (someone you work closely with).  Use reasons and specific examples to explain why these characteristics are important. 

2. Struture

a) Thesis Statement (Introduction)                

        In my opinion, important characteristics of a good co-worker are being cooperative, reliable and positive in the team he or she belongs.

b) Body の部分を構成する3つの Paragraph の Main Idea は、

第1 Paragraph 現代における生活水準の向上とグローバル化は、平和な世界における快適な生活を実現している

第2 Paragraph 医療技術の発展は、新生児の生存率を大きく向上させると伴に、平均寿命を大きく伸ばすことに貢献している

第3 Paragraph 福祉国家の成立は、国民医療保険制度を充実させ、全ての国民に医療へのアクセスを保証している


 3. Sample     

     In my opinion, important characteristics of a good co-worker are being cooperative, reliable and positive in the team he or she belongs.                               

To begin with, a good co-worker should be cooperative and altruistic as a team member.  In any organization, every operational unit has its goals and every member works in a team.  In order for the team to be efficient and to increase productivity, the team should work collaboratively to make the most of the collective power.  Each member is expected not only to perform his or her own duty but also to help each other to achieve goals before the deadline.  Therefore, being cooperative and altruistic is one of the important characteristics as a co-worker.                                                        

     In addition, reliability should be another crucial characteristic to be a good co-worker.  In a team, every member is assigned a certain specific task to meet the team’s goal.  If a member failed to complete his or her own task, the whole team would also fail to meet its objective.  Under such circumstances, being reliable and responsible for the task is essential as a fellow colleague.  Everyone feels confident that the challenging target could be achievable if the team consists of reliable and responsible members.                                                                                                                                                

     Finally, positive and persistent co-worker would motivate and encourage other teammates, especially when the team is facing tough situations.  In today’s highly competitive environment, it is not easy for workers to stay motivated.  Even so, a co-worker who is always positive and persistent would take the lead in carrying out his or her own duty.  Encouraged by this initiative, other members of the team would follow and team could be aggressive to meet the goal.                                                          

     It is true that such co-worker as I mentioned above is rare species in the real world.  However, in order to become a good co-worker, he or she should be cooperative, reliable, and positive and persistent.