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Essay Writing の思考プロセス 第62回


今回の Topic は、Official Guide to the TOEFL の Independent Essay 第18問です。

1. Topic           

     Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?  Television has destroyed communication among friends and family.  Use specific reasons and examples to support answer. 

2. Struture

a) Thesis Statement (Introduction)                

       I disagree with the statement since television has become more and more irrelevant to our daily life.

b) Body の部分を構成する3つの Paragraph の Main Idea は、

第1 Paragraph TVは娯楽、情報収集の為のツールとしての役割が低下している

第2 Paragraph そもそも、TVを持たない家庭、個人の数が増えている

第3 Paragraph 家族、友人間のコミュニケーションを破壊しているのはTVではなくスマートフォンである


3. Sample  

      I disagree with the statement since television has become more and more irrelevant to our daily life.     

     To begin with, television has become less important as a means of entertainment and acquiring information.  At a time when personal computers and the Internet had not been widespread across societies, people had little choice but to rely on television when they were at home.  As a result, they spent less time communicating and interacting with other family members and friends than before.  However, as the Internet and cheap personal computer became available, the situation has changed completely.    

     In addition, the number of families and individuals who don’t have television have been increasing rapidly so far.  As the smartphones become prevalent, access to the internet is easier than ever.  Therefore, the growing number of people consider television to be unnecessary for their daily life.  And they can communicate with each other whenever they want via e-mail and social network system.  And as to television, which has very limited variety of programs, we can’t watch programs from overseas.  However, using smartphone, we can access virtually every kind of contents.                                                                                        

     Finally, it is the prevalence of smartphone not television that has destroyed communication among family and friends.  It is not uncommon that we see families being together in restaurants but seldom talk with each other because, most of the time, they are busy watching and operating their smartphones.  This phenomenon clearly shows that the easier and faster the way of communication becomes, the less chance we have to engage in face-to-face direct communication.  I’m afraid this would weaken the strong social fabric in the long run.    

     It is true that television is still popular among elder people.  However, I disagree with the statement because of the three reasons I mentioned above.


To be continued.