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Essay Writing の思考プロセス 第45回


今回の Topic は、Official Guide to the TOEFL の Independent Essay 第1問です。

1. Topic           

     The widespread use of the Internet has given people access to information on a level never experienced before.  How does this increase in availability of information influence life in today’s world?  

2. Struture

a) Thesis Statement          

      In my opinion, easy access to information has had both positive and negative impact on life in today’s world. 

b) Body の部分を構成する3つの Paragraph の Main Idea は、

第1 Paragraph インターネットの普及により情報入手が容易となったメリットとして、教育機会の格差の是正に貢献してきたことが挙げられる

第2 Paragraph 更なるメリットとして情報共有が容易となったことは、住民参加型の地域社会そして民主主義の実現に貢献している

第3 Paragraph この点についてのデメリットとして、体系化された知識を習得しているか否かによって、データ・情報の活用に大きな格差が生じてしまう

3. Sample

      In my opinion, easy access to information has had both positive and negative impact on life in today’s world.   

     To begin with, as to the positive aspect of the spread of the Internet, the minimum cost it takes to access various types of data, information and knowledge via the Internet has played the role of bridging inequality in opportunities for education.  With a personal computer connected to the Internet, people can learn from basic to advanced studies, which are essential to develop individuals, especially in the least developed regions.  Online studies could make it possible for those living in the areas where there is no advanced educational institution to attend lectures offered by the universities located in the metropolitan regions.        

     In addition, information readily available on the Internet has been beneficial to our society.  By using bulletin board on the Internet, community members could share critical information easily and quickly.  Community members would be well informed of various services and events offered by local officials, volunteers, or NGOs.  This should encourage them to participate in broad range of activities intended to improve wellbeing of the community, which would contribute to the reform of our democracy from bottom up.  As a result, invigorated local communities would lead to the participatory and inclusive societies.       

     Finally, regarding the negative side of this facilitated access to information, one should acquire organized knowledge to make the most of data or information on the Internet.  As is often said, it is not data or information itself but well-rounded knowledge that really matters.  However, due to the differences in educational opportunities between developed countries and developing countries or the wealthy families and the poor families, for instance, whether or not one has information literacy has contributed greatly to the widening social and economic inequalities.        

     In conclusion, as I mentioned above, easy access to information via the Internet has had both positive and negative influence on lefe in today’s world. 


To be continued.