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Essay Writing の思考プロセス 第7回


今回の Topic は、英検1級2015年第1回の問題です。


1. Topic   


    Should cloning research be promoted, or should it be discontinued? 


Body の部分を構成する3つの Paragraph の Main Idea は、

第1 Paragraph クローン技術は、再生医療の分野に大きな利益をもたらす

第2 Paragraph クローン技術は、農業生産性を向上させることで食糧不足に対応できる

第3 Paragraph クローン技術は、絶滅危惧種の生物保存に利用可能であり、環境保護に貢献する


2. Sample 

     In my opinion, cloning research should be promoted because the risks attendant on this advanced study are far outweighed by the benefits which would be brought to patients suffering from serious diseases, societies, and natural environment.   

     To begin with, the outcomes of this research could be applied to regenerative medicine since cloning technology can reproduce healthy tissues or organs of the same person.  Today, there are many patients who are suffering from serious organ diseases and are necessary to undergo organ transplant operations but don’t have appropriate donors for them.  Under the circumstances, cloning technology would be the only available treatment because it can reproduce the healthy organs they need.   

     In addition, cloning technology, combined with genetic engineering, would play the crucial role for addressing food-supply crisis.  With world’s population exceeding 7.4 billion, demand for food has already reached the point where traditional methods of increasing productivity in agriculture can hardly catch up with.  By utilizing cloning technology, humans could boost crops, vegetables, and fruits production, as well as a supply of livestock and fish.  

     Finally, humans should utilize cloning research in terms of environmental protection and recovery, especially in saving endangered species.  If the number of an endangered species became less and less, we would have no choice but to clone some of the species to avoid extinction.  As a result, the population of the endangered species should recover to the extent that they can grow in numbers on their own.  

     It is true that this research is still in early stages and it has many hurdles to clear, such as ethical issues.  However, cloning research should be promoted because of the three reasons I mentioned above.


To be continued.